About – A Warm Welcome

We extend a warm welcome to all readers of this site. The site “UnderstandTheWord.com” was started in February 2021.

This site was created to enable the authors to share the results of their research into the Bible and its teachings with others. This research has been done by endeavoring to look at the Bible afresh, without any preconceived ideas. Our only aim is to help build up other’s faith in God and Jesus, and their promises.

We will never presume to claim we have a monopoly on truth.

Furthermore, we promise we will never knowingly publish any material that we know to be false. When presented with proof beyond reasonable doubt we will make corrections as necessary.

We have no intention of creating a new religion. Indeed, we have personally found that organized religion is a snare and a racket. Therefore, we do not wish to repeat the same mistakes of the thousands of religions that already exist.

The founders of this website are Tadua and Marina. Tadua has regularly contributed articles to Beroean Pickets and Marina has regularly commented on Discuss The Truth. She also hosts a YouTube channel called Anna Marina.

We hope you enjoy using this site.

Published 23rd March 2021